Geng Nian An Pian (Menopause Tablet)

 Pian Gengnianan, Gengnianan pian, climacteric-syndrome-relieving tablet.

Functions and Indications:
To enrich yin and clear heat, eliminate vexation and calm the spirit. It is mainly used for the symptoms of menopause caused by deficiency of yin and kidneys, such as the symptoms of drying heat and sweating, dizziness and tinnitus, hand-foot-heart feverish sense, irritability, menopause syndrome.
Action: Nourishing Yin and clear away heat, relieving restlessness and tranquilize the mind.

Indications: Illness during the changing life such as tidal fever with sweating, vertigo and tinnitus, wakefulness, restlessness, unstable blood pressure, etc.

Gengnianan pian is a classic herbal formula sold in China for women at menopause to help with mood, sleeplessness, anxiety.

A natural herbal supplement aims to keep balance of Yin and Yang. This traditional mixture of natural herbs has provided supplementations to those suffer disorder or imbalance of body functions in their middle age.

Prepared Rehmannia Root 5%,
Fleece Flower Root 5%,
WaterPlantain Tuber 5%,
Tuckahoe 10%,
Schizandra Fruit 5%,
Shell of Pearl 5%,
Figwort Root 5%,
Shirvelled Wheat 10%.

6 tables each time, 2-3 times a day.

0.3g*40 Tablets.

Le Ren Tang, TianJin, China

  • Manufactured by: Zhongxin Pharma

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